Hi friends!

I have been living in a picturesque and quiet Gruyere district, at the very heart of Switzerland, for several years now. The medieval city, the landmark, is located on a hill offering a marvelous view: Sarin River valley, Lake of Gruyere and, of course, breathtaking mountains… The scenery here is so picturesque and stunning that I wanted to share this beauty with everyone. That’s how I took up photography. It used to be a hobby, but quickly grew into a career and profession. 

With photography I try to preserve beautiful moments of the present, capture important details and features of each of my models. It doesn’t matter who I shoot – a young girl, a baby or an elderly couple – I always try to find the glow, the spark that everybody has and that can illuminate this world and that each of us has. And they say I’m good at it. They say my works are filled with light and beauty of ordinary, yet unique people. 

The world of photography is so complex, diverse and vast, that you can constantly develop in this field. This is what I do, always seeking for  new techniques, new solutions and angles. You can find my works on my website and my social media accounts. Check them out more often or subscribe, I’m looking forward to it!

Tel: +41 79 455 41 12

Email: julia.aubry.suisse@gmail.com