I offer several genres of photography:

Outdoor photo shoot.

Julia Aubry Photography de famille

Over and over again I walk around in search of suitable locations. I shoot to make natural light and color harmoniously fit into future frames. I’ll take you to beautiful, picturesque places where we will take great photos.


Julia Aubry Photography de famille

The main rule is NO POSING.All you have to do is things of your everyday life. I’ll take you to the center of a town where we will stroll along the streets, drop into a cafe to have a cup of coffee and flip through pages of a book or a magazine. Then we’ll walk to the lake to meet the sunset, which in Switzerland are magnificent, and feed the birds. Trust me, you are beautiful when natural. And my photos will prove that.


Julia Aubry Photography de famille

The photo shoot takes place in your home. No need in thinking of some outstanding dress or a suit.. Your best friends in this genre are home accessories and home wear. You will feel comfortable as you are in your usual environment. It is very easy to create the most touching shots at home, filled with sincerity, happiness and lively emotions.

Just decide on the desired result from the photo shoot and we’ll find the right option together. I will try to cater for all your wishes. You can have your photo of yourself or with your loved ones.. You will choose the date and duration of the photo shoot yourself, and I will advise on clothes to make you look great on the photo.


Julia Aubry Photography de famille

Newborn babies are so tender and touching, no wonder that parents want to preserve the image of their sweet little one as long as possible. It is most convenient to take a child’s photo shoot at home, amid familiar surroundings. As a rule, moms and dads choose one of the following ideas for their babies’ first ever photo shoots: 

  • Shooting in original baskets, bowls and small buckets;
  • Shooting on a bean bag (special pose mattress for babies)
  • Shooting on a soft wool blanket.

I have tons of beautiful and unusual hats, headbands and various pretty-pretties for little gentlemen and princesses, cute blankets – these things will help to make photos diverse and interesting. 

Photos of mom or dad with a baby in their arms will look so touching. These will be your favorite pictures in a family album. 

You can shoot a newborn from the 5th day, but my experience shows that 5th to 14th weeks are the most favorable period. Babies are simply charming and sleep a lot at that time, so it’s easier to take their photos.

I will advise the parents on how to prepare for the photo shoot. Photo shoot should be scheduled taking into account the child’s regimen: photos of a sleeping baby are particularly sweet. Keep in mind that the average shooting time is about 3 hours, and we will definitely take breaks so that you can feed your baby and change his/her clothes. 


Julia Aubry Photography de famille

Wedding is one of the brightest days in life. However, the events of even the most amazing day fade over time, that’s just how our memory works. An album with a wedding photo shoot will always help to refresh memories of a wonderful day.

You simply need to decide in advance what you want to get from the photo shoot. This could be a:

  • Wedding ceremony. I will photograph you during and after the wedding.
  • Couple photoshoot. You might want to have your photos taken in the park, near city attractions or in your other beautiful and important places. It can be a couple only photo shoot or with guests invited.
  • Apéro. If there is entertainment with traditional champagne planned before the restaurant, I will photograph its highlights.
  • PartyFunny contests, dances and toasts make you recall the wedding day with a smile. Bright photos will help retain a memory of the banquet.

The happy, loving and stunningly beautiful newlyweds will certainly be the central figures in my shots. Since all the details that the groom and bride must have thought through and prepared for months are important on the wedding day, I will choose such angles to accurately capture the overall festive atmosphere and show the special aspects of each moment.

I often work with an assistant who helps me install the equipment, create the necessary special effects, so you will look fabulous even in the dim light of a restaurant or cafe.

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